Professional IT Services in South East Ireland

Providing complete IT solutions and services to small and medium businesses in the South East.

Our Services


We install secure and ultra-fast Wi-fi in your business for you to utilise and your customers to enjoy.

> Filter Harmful Content

> Improve Wi-fi speeds

> Use Your Wi-fi to Market Your Business



Your business data is your most valuable resource; in the wrong hands, you could be instantly out of business.

> Block Cyber Threats

> Secure Important Business Files

> Live Attack Monitoring & Surveillance


The Cloud

Cloud computing is a powerful and secure way to store and use your business data in a convenient way.

> Synchronise Your Software On All Devices

> Create Team User Profiles Across Devices

> Prevent Ransomware & Cyber Hijacking



Your business needs a solid foundation if it is going to succeed in today's tech-savvy market.

> Vital IT Infrastructure

> Simple & Ultra-Fast Web Hosting

> Tailored For Your Specific Needs


Cryptocurrency Storing Hardware Supply & Training

We are here to help you understand the many advantages crypto can have for your business.

> Cryptocurrencies Best-Practices

> Where To Start

> Receive Website Crypto-Payments


Internet Phones

Internet-connected phone systems are the future in communication.

> Future Orientated

> Perfect For Relocating

> Secure & Reliable Phone Communications


Why Resolve IT?

We are not only professionals but are geeks and tech enthusiasts. We love this stuff, and we have decades of combined experience to help with all your IT needs.

Reliable Support

We only service businesses in the South-East of Ireland. This allows us to work with our clients intimately and always be available to them.

Dedicated Support

We are problem fixers, and your problems become ours. When something goes wrong, we are here to make IT easy for you.

Valuable Support

We are here to help you get with the times with technology that was only once available to substantial corporate entities.

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