Business Firewalls

Why Resolve IT?

Block Incoming Attacks

When we first install a Firewall, we always see incoming attacks to a business within minutes.

These attacks come from all over the world, China, Russia, South Africa, etc.

Our firewalls can detect these attacks and permanently block them.

Prevent Users From Accidently Installing Harmful Software

Software or Apps have the same user permissions as your staff.

This means that if harmful software was installed, it would be like a stranger or criminal sitting at your desk accessing your computer files.

Our firewalls lock down the installation process of apps and software so that nothing harmful can be accidentally installed.

Prevent Sensitive Data Leaving Your Business

Perhaps you already have something harmful on your computer that is sending your information out to a criminal.

Our firewalls also monitor and block any of your sensitive data leaving your business unawares.

Here Are Some Things That Could Mean You Have Been Attacked

Advantages of a Professionally Installed Firewall

  • Slow Computer speeds
  • Strange Errors
  • Missing Files
    • Optimised for best performance
    • Free up resources to focus on your business 
    • Greatly reduce the dangers of cyber threats and business closure