Slow Live Video Buffering

Buffering can occur if your phone or computer’s processing resources are depleted. 

Close all other programs, apps or tabs that could be slowing down your ability to process the video stream. 

Internet providers offer many different packages of internet speed with various price points attached. 

Run a Speedtest. We recommend that you have a minimum of 5 Mbps upload. If you are scoring anything lower than this, you should contact your service provider and discuss upgrade options. 

Your internet connection can only push so much information down the line at any given time; this is called bandwidth. 

The more people who are connected to your internet and are using its resources, the slower and less reliable your connection will become. 

Dedicate as much bandwidth as possible to your streaming efforts. Privatise your wi-fi connection so that others cannot connect their devices and slow down your live stream. 

  • Create a greater delay on the stream. (40s-60s) 
  • Experiment with other video encoders that could reduce quality but improve performance
  • Upscale by streaming at 720p (faster than 1080p) and scale up to 1080p. There will be no noticeable quality change on mobile devices which is the majority of traffic these days. 

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