About Us

What We Do

We want to make IT for Wexford businesses easy. Having technology that works for you is not only smart but saves you hassle and money.

Technology is developing at a rapid rate. Having tech work for you is no longer a luxury for big businesses with massive net profits.

We are here to help you get with the times with technology that was only once available to substantial corporate entities.

Who We Are

We are not only professionals but are geeks and tech enthusiasts. We love this stuff, and we have decades of combined experience to help with all your IT needs.

We are problem fixers, and your problems become ours. When something goes wrong, we are here to make IT easy for you.

Meet Our Amazing Team

The Faces Behind Our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Paweł Makulski

IT Director

Agata Makulska

Office Administrator

Leigh De Paor

IT Consultant

Maciej Trębacz

Software Developer

Sean Bradford

Multimedia Expert

Sarah Bradford

Copy Editor