Business Firewalls

Criminals target businesses with improper cybersecurity measures in place. Our professional firewalls:

  • Block Incoming Attacks
  • Prevent Users From Accidently Installing Harmful Software
  • Prevent Sensitive Data Leaving Your Business

Don’t delay your business could be vulnerable.
Contact us now for a free cybersecurity consultation.

Secure B2B Communications

You need a secure connection to transfer your sensitive Business information from site to site.

  • Stop Hackers Intercepting Your Communications
  • Ensure Your Data Is Private
  • Highly Reliable

We have helped many businesses that nearly went out of business because of improper communication security. Please talk to us if you have any concerns.

Work From Home Security

With remote work become more popular criminals will target new vulnerabilities to your business.

  • Protect Your Staff
  • Guard Your Data
  • Fix Security Vulnerabilities 

If you have staff working from home, we can advise you on best practices and fix any security problems.

Commercial Virus Monitoring

Just like you need physical security to your business premise, you need digital protection for your business cyber communications. Malicious software (viruses) can completely take over your business.

  • Scan Your System For Threats
  • New Threat Updating
  • Lightweight Background Monitoring

We can protect all your devices in your business from harmful software. Talk to us immediately if you believe you are at risk

Cybersecurity Training

We know that your time is valuable. We can educate you and your staff on cyber-security best practices in minutes using examples of attacks on real Irish businesses.

  • Quickly Educate Your Staff
  • Learn Simple Yet Powerful Solutions
  • Based On Recent Irish Business Attacks

Your staff could be a security liability. Contact us to discuss our training options.