Fibre-Speed Wi-Fi Links

Why Resolve IT?

Work From Home

Do you have a home office that has poor, intermittent or zero Wi-fi signal? We can extend your broadband so that you have perfect Wi-fi strength at all times.  

Perhaps you have a neighbour who has strong internet while you are unable to achieve similar speeds. We can install a very secure, encrypted wireless link between you and your neighbour so that you can access the same speeds.

For Farms

Do you need to install calving cameras that you can access from anywhere? You will need robust and reliable Wi-Fi access to achieve this. We can help farmers have strong Wi-Fi in any location on their farm.

For Detached Offices 

Does your business have two or more office buildings? Maybe you are expanding your office space?

We can secure your internet connection between locations by utilising the same IT infrastructure.

This improves security, reduces costs and paves the way for the use of internet phone systems.

How We Do It

Point-to-point inter-building gigabit links are our fibre-speed wireless solution to get commercial Wi-Fi to those hard to reach places.

Get your Wi-Fi working for your business without all the stress and headaches by giving us a call.